1 thought on “either or neither nor

    1. He might either walk to work or take the taxi
    2. Either you or i am going to be the first winner tomorrow
    3. Either me or he gets the chance to enter the basketball game
    4. Either dika or andi will sing this song tonight
    5. Either He or she goes to the traditional market in Palembang
    6. either today or tomorrow we will practice on the court
    7. He might either running to court or take the bicycle
    8. Either me or you Will dance this tonight
    9. Either the father or the mother has to attend the meeting.
    10. Either Akmal or Devin has to attend the match


    1. Neither banu nor bagus likes playing football
    2. Neither the scissors nor the cutter is inside the box
    3. He is neither ugly nor stupid.
    4. Neither the fan nor the television is inside the box
    5. Neither Alif nor Faizal likes playing vollyball
    6. Neither my brother nor my parents are using television
    7. You can neither eat spicy nor drink the soda
    8. Neither Zidan nor two of his friends are attending the class now.
    9. Neither I nor my best friend seen basketball shoes
    10. Neither Dika nor bagas friends are going to visit me tonight.

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