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  1. In potrait’s park
    We went t portrait’s park last sunday

    In there, we sat and talked together
    We played and had fun
    After that, we went to home with feeling happy


    We were very happy in the portrait’s park

  2. Taman Potret
    Taman Potret is a name for a Beautiful park. It got its name Because a lot of resident Goes to Taman Potret for a Photograpy or a selfie.
    Taman Potret is always crowded with a lot of People, usually They Excersise or taking a Scenery before They Goes to work every morning.
    Taman Potret is the most Beautiful Park in the Tangerang making Taman potret a famous Park.

  3. Taman potret
    (Orientation)~> Taman potret is one of the park in tangerang, taman potret was official by the mayor of tangerang MR. H. Arief R wimansyah. The park location is very strategic are around road

    (Event)~> this place usally visited by milenials, they are usually, take a picture, and many of things they can do in taman potret, the diffrent taman potret of any other park in tangerang is they have a lot of statue for take selfie.

    (Re-orientation)~> taman potret is a beautiful park in tangerang, it’s very clean and comfortable. Many of experience that everyone could feel.

  4. Orientation
    Taman potret located at Babakan, Kec.Tangerang, Kota Tangerang, Banten. Taman potret tour is a tourist place visited by tourists on holiday

    Taman potret has charm of beauty that very interested to visit. Taman potret tour can to eliminate fatigue. Very suitable to invit family or friend to take photo. Taman potret also easy to reach in the Tangerang area. And very low cost.

    Re Orientation
    Taman potret suitable place to relax, and safe place to play

  5. * Taman Potret *
    Taman Potret is place for refresh the mind and have a good photo spot. (Orientation)

    Taman Potret is one park in Kota Tangerang, the location is beside Tangcity Mall. Exactly in Jendral Sudirman Street number 1, Cikokol. Taman Potret also have a good photo spot. In the weekend many families come to Taman Potret, because besides good photo spot, Taman Potret have a good canteen. But when hot weather Taman Potret same hot, because Taman Potret around big street. In weekday Taman Potret in domination online motorcycle taxi (Grab and Gojek). (Event)

    The point is Taman Potret place a refresh the mind, rest the mind, and place good for weekend. (Reorientation)

  6. Taman Potret

    Taman Potret is a park usually visited for taking photos. This park is located in Babakan, Tangerang near TangCity Mall. Last week, I went there with my friends for group’s work. (Orientation)

    We were there discussing about what each had to do. After discussing the assignment, we took some group photos. (Event)

    I feel very happy in the Taman Potret. (Reorientation)

  7. “Taman Potret”

    Taman Potret, the beautiful park, the park is located in the city of Tangerang, so many people has visited in this park because it is confortable and clean, good for taking pictures, relaxing, and the gathering place.

    Yesterday I and My Friends was have a gathering for reunion, because we were waiting for a some Friend who hasn’t arrived, so we were waiting for him in the Taman Potret.

    We wait for our Friends in this park, we do something in there, we take a photos together, buying snack food together, in this park the temperature is hot, we take a shelter in someplace with drinking ice tea.

    And then, Our Friend has come, We feel excited in there because our time is not wasted for waiting him, We were very happy and satisfied in this park, adn then We finally went to gather with other friends in different place. I think this is enough about the story and My opinion in the Taman Potret. So thats all, and Bye Bye🙋‍♂️

      Taman potret is vacation spot in Tangerang and has many place to take a pitcure. Place ia very crowded.

      The place so comfortable, although the atmosphere is hot, because quite close the highway. There is replica boat, it is very nice. There is Playground for children

      There are has many trash, toilet, parking place and WiFi facility. There are many food seller

      The place so comfortable to spend holiday with family

  8. Taman Potret

    Taman Potret is one of the park in Tangerang city. Inaugurated on 11 August 2015. The visitors from children to adults.

    In Taman Potret have amazing statues. Taman Potret have great photo spot. On weekends many people visit Taman Potret because have good photo spot. In Taman Potret also have Play Ground for children to play. Visitors usually come to Taman Potret for take picture.

    Tame Potret is beautiful place. It’s very clean and comfortable, great place to take picture.

  9. Taman potret

    Orientation : Taman potret is one of park recration in Tangerang exactly jln.sudirman no. 1 cikokol. At the evening come to this park

    Event: Taman potret ordinary visited for taking pictures, for the share of immortalize beauty. And this park business for take a picture the park is available for the children playground

    Re-orientation : By visitors this place very cool, can relieve tired and place for relax

  10. Taman potret

    Taman potret is the tourist sites on Tangerang,exactly in jendral Sudirman street No.1 Cikokol adjacent with tangerang city mall

    Taman potret is tour destination for people to take a picture, because three have many spot for take a picture, besides for photo, three have Playground for children and have motorcycle parking area to broad

    People spend the time in taman potret for get together with friends or family, to take a picture, as Playground with they children and enjoy the environment

    According visitor this place very cool, place for relieve tired, place for relax and place for spend time with friends or family

    taman potret is one of the parks in the Tangerang city in the cikokol area,on Saturday and Sunday taman potret visited from children to adults.
    people visited taman potret usually take photo and relax with family or friend, children usually play the seesaw or swing provided, to get to the taman potret can use public transportation or private vehicles
    the taman potret is open to everyone and the place is clean

  12. ” Taman potret”
    Taman potret is a park located in the village of Babakan, Tangerang district, Tangerang city of Banten.(Orientation)

    The place is usually used for holiday, photographs, picnics and gathering with family.(Event)

    The place is very beautiful, clean, cool and comfortable.(Re-Orientation)

  13. Orientation: Portrait park is a tourist area located in the westren part of Tang City Mall, precisely on the edge of Jl.Sudirman. Taman portrait was faounded in 2015, and was inaugurated by the mayor of Tangerang.
    Event: Upon arrival, visitors will be welcomed by a red dancer statue with a row of letters forming the word “Portrait Garden”. There are many objects that can be made as a photo spot by park visitors, and for facilities there are provided slide for children, the portrait garden feels cool because of the many lush trees, for admission there visitors do not need to pay a single bit of “free”.
    Re orientation: I Really like with portrait park, because lost of hidden beauty.


    ORIENTATION = A park in the middle Tangerang city, thare is a lot tree leafy there.
    EVENT = That momen i accidentally stop by taman potret that while calm the heart and mind for a while. There too is seat comfortable, clean is waste also plus it there is decoration big boat in the middle very unique. Thirst spend time there.
    REORIENTATION = But clock show 18.00 a.m Where i must doing pray and go away from

  15. Orientation:
    Taman potret in Babakan Tangerang is one of tourist attractions are located on Babakan village, tangerang city Banten Indonesia.Taman Potret is tourist the Crowded with tourist on ordinary day,well holiday day.
    That time,I enjoy cool air many Tress.Lots of places too photo and replace.There is a replica sailboat, decoration it says”TNG”, even there is decoration it says “LOVE”.
    When me went there many a visitor come,there are teenagers,little child,even parents.there,cleanliness is maintaned.Beside cleanliness,security is also provided police stations because many police stations standguard ini around.
    I really like with Taman potret,because lots of hidden beauty.

  16. Taman Potret

    orientation: Taman Potret is a big garden, it was a garden that was built for photographs. location of taman Potret adjacent to city mall

    event : taman potret open to everyone, to take pictures, and to play around

    re orientation : taman potret open to all ages no exception, and its function is not just for photo sites. it’s a happy place

  17. Taman Potret
    Orientation: Taman Potret Is Reccomendation to Take a picture For visitors
    Events:There many object for take a picture
    There is jogging track at around the park
    There is many flowers at the park
    Re-orientation:taman Potret Is Reccomendation for visitors to spending a time on the weekend

  18. Taman potret ia a best place for taking pictures from childrens to adults.Taman potret ia near from mall of Tangerang city.taman potret has a lot visitors on evening(orientation)

    At Sunday many people come to taman potret for taking a pictures,see the animal show,and lot of parents come to taman potret with their children in playground(event)

    Taman potret ia a best place for taking a pictures because in taman potret there are many object for taking a pictures(re-orientation)

  19. “Taman Potret”

    Taman Potret is one of the park in TANGERANG. Taman Potret loacated in Across Taman Bambu. I go to Taman Potret with my mother and my sister. I go to Taman Potret use public transportation.(Orientation)

    At Taman Potret so many visitor. I see some people dating,selfie and using free WiFi. I and my sister walking and play some playground like a swing. And I back to home in afternoon.(Event)

    I’m happy because so many people visiting Taman Potret.(Reorientation)

  20. potret park
    potret park, which is know as taman potret by local people. located in cikokol, tangerang city.
    many people come the weekend. they come with family or student to study. many spot photo icon. because wonderful view. there is playground, street food, dancer statue, human statue cyling, and big ship made of wood. this place very clean and make confortable. this place open 24 hour on everyday. and this place very recommed for milenial people because taman potret is a famous park at tangerang city. enjoy the view

    (Oientation)Taman potret is one of the most popular Park on the Tangerang city.Taman potret is very beautiful park,so that people are comfortable visiting in there.
    ( Event)
    People who visit there usually bring family or friends.In park potret if you littering you Will get punishment,and there is no tolerance for that.
    Taman potret is a clean park,and very comfortable.


    TAMAN POTRET is a very popular park In Tangerang , Taman Potret located in JL. Perintis kemerdekaan , I go to taman potret with My friend , I went there Use a motorcycle. This park is so beautiful because there are many trees and interesting phote object.

    In thare , In that i see a lot of visitor Park
    take a photo And Playing , there i play swing And Play Game online , after playing I Lunch with my friend , after that my friend and I returned to their respective homes.

    I fell very happy because can release my tired there.

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