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PREFACEPraise Allah SWT say authors who have given time and opportunity so I can finish an English assignment was with the best.Authors say thanks to everyone who helped me so that this English assignment can be completed with the best.Constructive criticism and suggestions are very authors expect to perfection by this author. Previous authors apologize to all those readers primarily because there are still many mistakes in this writing.Final words of this English assignment may be beneficial to all parties.
Latar Belakang  I.            BackgroundWho does not familiar with the fried rice? Culinary one is easy to find everywhere. It seemed fitting to make this meal one crazy a lot of people. Special, the process of making fried rice is also very practical. Almost everyone can mix this one dish. Moreover, in the market, we can find a lot of instant fried rice seasoning products.Favors and practical that fried rice. However, althought simple, however there are some things to condiser when cooking fried rice to taste more delicious. Here are tips on cooking fried rice is important for you to know :ü  Select the Best Riceü   Select the Best Supplement IngredientsOur purpose is to make the text of this procedure :1.      To meet the task mainly school exam grade nine2.      Tells how to make fried rice3.      To recognize the food archipelago mainly fried rice4.      To practice a systematic proposal5.      For comparison between theory and reality in the Field class   IsiII.            Content of the text                                                                               Fried riceFried rice is a food in the form of rice and stir fried in cooking oil or margarine, typically plus soy sauce, onion, garlic, tamarind, pepper and other spices, such as eggs, chicken, and crackers. Ingredients:1.     100 grams red onion2.     20 grams red pepper, seeded3.     20 grams of paste4.     20 grams nutmeg5.     25 grams of garlic, let it raw so that when fried spice aroma is very sharp6.     Pepper powder to taste7.     salt to taste8.     Flavoring to taste9.     Rice10.Vegetables (Allow cucumber. cabbage, mustard greens, or more     according to your taste)11.    ½ kg chicken12.   Soy sauce13.     Vegetable oil, enough for frying.Equipment :1.     Stove2.     Oil3.     Wok4.     Mixer5.     3 plates6.     3 tablespoons7.     KnifeStep :Make fried rice seasoning :1.     Fried items 1 through 4 separate2.     After all the cooking, mixed with garlic and pepper and puree3.     Include flavor4.     All the ingredients should be mixed well, if dibiarkaan long, the oil will separate.5.     Take for sauteing mixture, the aroma is make you hungry6.      Make seasoning is complete.   Make fried rice :1.      Seasoning should have finished2.     Turn on the stove and heat the wok and cooking oil input3.      Boiled chicken cut into small pieces with a knife to mix the contents of fried rice4.     Saute the spices into the wok, stirring until smooth to look dry5.     Add the rice and chicken, stirring until smooth6.     Enter the soy sauce or chili sauce and stir until blended7.     After wrapping and looks a bit dry, then turn off the stove and fried rice is so8.     Prepare three dishes and rice lift and place each the plates9.     Serve with a sprinkling of fried onions, cucumber slices and serve in hot condition Penutup  III.     Closing                                                                                                              
INFERENCEThat is an easy way to make fried rice, will have to try when cooking in a happy mood. Because it turns out the feeling when cooking can affect flavors. If you do not get along with instructions to make fried rice on top of it does not need to be applied. Ignore it and use the recipe to make fried rice you want.SUGGESTION
Similarly, we can describe the material that is the subject of this proposal, of course, there are still many shortcomings and weaknesses, because they lack the knowledge and the lack of reference or the reference has to do with the title of this proposal. Author much hope dear readers, providing constructive criticism and suggestions for the perfect proposal to the author in the writing of the proposal in the next opportunities.Hopefully this paper is useful for writers in particular are also dear readers in general. Such review this time, may be useful for you and also inspire.

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