Strong Wind

Tujuan Pembelajaran:
Setelah mempelajari Bab 14, siswa diharapkan mampu:
3.8 Membedakan fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan beberapa
teks naratif lisan dan tulis dengan memberi dan meminta informasi terkait
legenda rakyat, sederhana, sesuai dengan konteks penggunaannya.
4.8 Menangkapmakna secara kontekstual terkait fungsi sosial, struktur teks,
dan unsur kebahasaan teks naratif, lisan dan tulis sederhana terkait legenda

A. Warmer

Your teacher will tell you how to play this game. You have
to guess what words that your teacher has shown you through a

After you know how to play the game, your teacher will divide you
into two groups to play the game. The group who can guess more words
will be the winner.

B. VOcabulary Builder

Match the words with their Indonesian equivalents. Compare
your work to your classmate’s.


Listen to your teacher reading the following words. Repeat after

wind : / wɪnd /
a warrior : / ə ˈwɔːriər /
a sled : / ə sled /
invisible : / ɪnˈvɪzəb ə l /
a rope : / ə roʊp /
gentle : / ˈdʒentl /
jealous : / ˈdʒeləs /
rag : / ræɡ /
coal : / koʊl /
remain : / rɪˈmeɪn /
bow : / baʊ /
burn : / bɜːrn /
bowstring : / baʊstrɪŋ /
turn into : / tɜːrn ˈɪntuː /
tremble : / ˈtremb ə l /
fear : / fɪə /
meanness : / miːnnəs /


Task 1:
Read the story and fill in the blanks with the following words: tremble,
lying, jealous, bow, long, fine, invisible, rope, gentle, rags.

Once there was a great warrior named Strong Wind. He lived
with his sister in a tent by the sea. Strong Wind was able to make himself
_______________(1). His sister could see him, but no one else could. He
had said he would marry the first woman who could see him as he came at
the end of the day.

Many women came up to his tent to watch for him. When his sister
saw him coming, she would ask, “Do you see him?”

Each girl would answer, “Oh, yes! I see him!”
Then Strong Wind’s sister would ask, “What is he pulling his sled
And then the girls would answer, “with a _____________ (2)” or
“with a wooden pole.”
Then Strong Wind’s sister would know that they were lying, because
their guesses were wrong.
A chief lived in a village. His wife had died, and he had three
daughters. One was much younger than the other two. She was gentle, kind
and beautiful, but her sisters were ___________ (3) of her and treated her
badly. They cut off her long black hair and they made her wear rags. They
also burned her face with coals so that she would be ugly. They lied to
their father that she did these things to herself. But she remained calm and
_______________ (4).

The two older sisters also went to try and see Strong Wind. When
he was coming, Strong Wind’s sister asked them, “Do you see him?”
“Oh, yes! I see him!” Each of them answered.
“What is his bow made out of?” asked Strong Wind’s sister.
“Out of iron,” answered one. “Out of wood,” answered the other.
“You have not see him,” said Strong Wind’s sister.
Strong Wind himself heard them and knew that they had lied. They
went into the tent, but still they could not see him. They went home very
One day the youngest daughter went to try and see Strong Wind.
She was wearing ____________ (5), and burn covered her face. People
laughed at her, but she kept going. When she got to Strong Wind’s tent she

When Strong Wind was coming,
his sister asked the girl, “Do you see him?”
“No,” the girl answered. “I don’t see
Strong Wind’s sister was surprised
because the girl had told the truth. “Now
do you see him?” asked Strong Wind’s
“Yes,” answered the girl. “Now, I do
see him. He is very wonderful.”

“What is his _______________ (6) made of?” asked Strong Wind’s
“The rainbow,” answered the girl.
“And what is the bowstring made of?” asked Strong Wind’s sister.
“Of Stars,” answered the girl.
Then Strong Wind’s sister knew that the girl could really see him.
He had let her see him because she had told the truth.
“You really have seen him,” said Strong Wind’s sister. Then the sister
washed the girl, and all the burns went away. Her hair grew ____________
(7) and black again. The sister dressed the girl in _______________ (8)
clothes. Strong Wind came and the girl became his wife.
The girl’s two older sisters were very angry, but Strong Wind turned
them into aspen trees. Ever since that day, the leaves of the aspen tree always
______________ (9) with fear wherever he comes near, because they know
he remembers their ______________ (10) and meanness.

(taken from ‘Using Folktales’ by Eric K. Taylor).

Task 2:
Answer the following questions:

1. Who is Strong Wind?
2. What was Strong Wind’s special capability?
3. How would Strong Wind’s sister know that the girls were lying?
4. Who burned the chief ’s youngest daughter?
5. Who could see Strong Wind and how could she do that?
6. How did the chief ’s youngest daughter regain her old face?
7. What did Strong Wind change into an aspen tree?
8. Did Strong Wind know that the chief elder daughters were rude to their
youngest sister? Justify your answer.
9. Why did Strong Wind decide to have the chief youngest daughter as his wife?
10. If you were in the story, which role would you play? Why?

E. VOCABULARY exercise

Complete the following sentences using the words in the box. If
needed, you may change the parts of speech.

1. The poor peasants wear ______________ every day.
2. You may not ______________ of somebody else’s wealth.
3. Coming home, her ______________ body made us anxious to know
what had happened.
4. Remain ______________ although your name is called for hundred
5. She is always ______________ to me. I don’t know why.
6. The ______________ is elastic. It can stretch as long as 60 centi
7. She ______________ to speak in her father’s presence.
8. The great, fearless ______________ fight for his beloved country.
9. They used ______________ to pull the carts.
10. The ______________ blew the young man’s hat.
11. The ______________ hand help her solve the chronic problem.
12. The ______________ was pulled by two dogs.

13. The girl is ______________ and beautiful.

F. text st ructure

Individually, complete the following chart to find out the
structure of the story ‘Strong Wind’.

G. grammar review

Look at these sentences taken from the reading text. Focus your
attention on the verbs in italics.
1. He had said he would marry the first woman who could see him.
2. A chief lived in a village. His wife had died.
3. Strong Wind himself heard them and knew that they had lied.
4. Strong Wind’s sister was surprised because the girl had told the truth.
5. Then Strong Wind’s sister knew that the girl could really see him. He
had let her see him because she had told the truth.

The use of Past Perfect:
1. Completed Action Before Something in the Past
The Past Perfect expresses the idea that something occurred before
another action in the past. It can also show that something happened before a
specific time in the past.
I had met the beautiful girl before I came to this city

2. Duration before something in the Past (non-continuous verb)
The Past Perfect Tense can be used to show that something started in the
past and continued up until another action in the past.

By the time we finished our study, we had been in Malang for five years.

Task 1:
Grammar Exercise

Read the following sentences and change the bracketed verbs into correct
1. My plane landed at 8 pm yesterday. I ________________ (ask) the hotel
staff to pick me up at the airport.
2. John ________________ (repair) many cars before he received his
mechanic’s license.
3. She ________________ (never see) jackfruit before she came to Indonesia.
4. Marie _____________ (feel) bad about selling her car because she
_________________ ( own) it for ten years.
5. We ____________________ (understand) the movie because we
________________ (read) the book about it.
6. Kamal ___________________ (study) about Germany before he
_______________ (go) there for his university education.
7. I did not have any money to buy food because I __________(loose) my

8. Ahmad ______________ (never be) to Mecca before last week trip to
Masjidil Haram.
9. We could not get a hotel room last night because we ____________(not
book) in advance.
10. We were not welcome by the family because we _____________(not make)
a telephone call telling them that we would come last night.


Task 1:
Pair work

Discuss with your classmates: 1) important stages in Strong Wind story. 2)
discuss whether they have similar story to Strong Wind folktale.

Task 2:
Write a Script

Work in groups of 4: 1) choose a fragment from Strong Wind or other
folktales you love to perform, 2) write a scenario and decide who plays what.

Task 3:
Role play

In your groups, do the following: 1) rehearse for your performance. 2)
Perform in the class for maximum of 10 minutes.


Collaborative Story Writing
Your teacher will assign you to sit in a big circle and ask you
to write a story collaboratively with your classmates. Follow her/his
Step 1:
– Prepare a piece of paper. Choose a story to write.
– Write a sentence to start your story. Think of a sentence that can be
easily continued by your classmate.
– Give your paper to your classmate on your right and get another piece
of paper from your classmate on your left.
– Read your classmate’s sentence. Continue writing another sentence.
Try to connect your sentence and your classmate’s. Then, give the
paper to your classmate on your right.
– Continue the activities until your paper arrives back to you.

Step 2:
– Read the story that you’ve written with your classmates. What do you
think? What’s good and not good about it?
Step 3:
– Rewrite your story. Don’t forget to include connecting words and
phrases. Use clear references, too.


At the end of this chapter, ask yourself the following questions to
know how effective your learning process is.
1. Have you been able to understand the structure of a story?
2. Can you write a short story?
If your answer is ‘no’ to one of these questions, see your teacher
and discuss with him/her on how to make you understand and able to
talk about a song.


Read other stories available in your school library. You can also
read them from the internet.


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